my friendship comes in 3 levels:

1) sass 

2) insults

3) inappropriate sexual humor. 

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Anonymous: Yet, you keep going back to him like a dumb ass.

I wonder, anonymous, what in your limited, frigid, idiot brain of yours makes you think I am still with him. Seriously. Can there please be an intelligent human being that can have a valid argument on the situation? Or you’re just another silly dumb fuck that truly believes what you think is truth on a situation that you clearly have no idea on. God, ask questions, morons.


Favorite Panties pt. 2







the butterflies,
the flirting,
losing sleep,
the good morning/night texts.

I feel like I’m still in the talking stage sometimes lol

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 walk behind me, you’ll just get to see under my dress, walk beside me and you’ll get under it.


I set up an internet page for Chinese Nazis. 

So far it’s got 3 Reichs on Facebook.


Anonymous: Yo, the fuck tho. The fuck is Jason doin hittin you and throwing you on the street like that. The fuck! That fool is a fucking pussy! Jason you a fucking pussy! Girl, I hope you get it now, I know you feelin cause he got fucked up shit in his head, but fuck that punkass bitch! He on his tumblr rebloggin other pussy, that fool had the best shit that all us niggas wanted. His Twitter be fuckin' stupid shit. YOU IS A DAMN FOOL. You dead mothafucka now us niggas have a chance with Marvee

Can I get an amen